3rd Force Annual Reunion

April 2004 & 2005

Jacksonville, N.C.

Photos Compliments of Terry Addis

On 4/22/04 3rd Force Recon met at Shawyanks Scarlet & Gold Tavern in Jacksonville N.C. for a special occasion. We honored Lieutenant Colonel Allen West of the United States Army. In case you forgot, West was the Army officer who interrogated an Iraqi prisoner and got intelligence information that saved the lives of the American soldiers in his company but because his interrogation method was not "politically correct", he got disciplined and lost his job.
We honored West the way only Marines know how....full glasses of beer were raised high and a speech of praise and honor by Lieutenant Colonel Wayne Morris and Sergeant Major ShawyankS.
Allen West will soon begin a teaching career in Florida. I am also pleased to report that he has been offered some fabulous jobs throughout the country.
I know all of you would have been as proud as I was to be a part of this special celebration.

Terry Addis

Terry with the 12 Ga. H&K

2nd Force Assault Rifle

2nd Force New Training Toy

2nd Force Dive Locker

Some of 2nd Force's Arsenal of Weapons

ITR Troops outside Mess Hall

3rd Force Vietnam Gang

April 2005

Terry & Jeanne @ J'ville's Famous Slopshute

Lt. Col Alex Lee

Terry Addis, Jim Santoz, Frank Scilla, Fritz Campbell