Alpha Company 1969

Photo provided by W.J.Moser from Bill Bailey's site.

We have identified only a few of the team members. If you can help, please let us know.
First Row: Left (hat turned up) is Bill Crapser, next (beer in hand)is Mike Pope;kneeling, is Bobby Allen, Lt. Joiner (Company CO) then George Landi.
Hanging on sign is Fred Oaks. Pouring beer is Lt. Buechler, behind (looking down)is W.Moser with Lt. Bailey to the right of Buechler.
Back Row: On right (sun glasses) is Larry Young; and his left is Murphy Mose.

Need Help
If you know any other Marines in the photo, let us know.

Picture Notes
The picture was taken sometime in late March or early April 1969. Wish that all members were shown; however, there are several teams missing in this photo as they were on patrol at the time.

"A" Co. hootch, Quang Tri