Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson
Sgt. U.S. Marine Corps
Vietnam Veteran
3rd Reconnaissance Battalion
Died 13 April, 1999

Terry Anderson was a great human being, He was a man respected and known widely thru out the San Antonio, South Texas area. Terry served his country proudly in the Vietnam war, He was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart, for action above and beyond the call of duty in his service with Alpha Co. of 3rd Recon Bn. 3rd Marine Division.

Terry Anderson left this world on April, 13, 1999, He will be missed by his brothers of 3rd Recon , as well as his family. However, he will not be forgotten.

A Hand Salute to you Terry , May you rest in peace with the rest of our brothers that have gone before us.

Semper Fi

Stan (doc) Sellers

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