L/R: John York, Ron McClain, Bob McGuire
I thought the limit was 2 beers apiece.

Bob and Parker. How many does it take to open a beer?


Bob McGuire, Parker and Jim Flathers

A "Classic" L/R: Jim Flathers, Bob McGuire, Richard Jaramillo


Jim Flathers, Bob McGuire, Alford Bell (Over their limit?)

Jack Johnson, Jim Flathers, Bob McGuire,Williams


BackRow: Robert Dahlin, Jack Johnson, Jim Flathers Doc?
Kneeling: RichardJjaramillo, Bob McGuire, Yerbich, "Ya", Yankee Boy

Steve "Shortround" Shircliff, Jim Flathers, Willie Williams
Working with 3rd Marines around Dong Ha Nov. 68


Bob on top of the "Rockpile" 1969

Shortround enjoying the lazy days of summer in the rear.
Quang Tri March 68'


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