In Memory of
By Steve Shircliff (Shortround)

My dear friend and brother in arms,

Well buddy, it has been 35 years now since you, me, and Larry Kuenzer stayed up 3 days and nights partying. We had no idea this would be the last time we would see you. I'll never forget when you told me that you were going back over for another tour. I begged you not to go, but I fully understand why you went back. It still haunts me to know you fought and died on the very same hill that I took you on when you first got to Nam. I still can't accept what took place that nite. Maybe if we were together, things would have been different. All I know is, that I wish to God I was with you guys. I have lived with the thought of, "What If" ever since that fateful night. I guess the Good Lord just had other plans, which for us that were left behind, don't quite understand. But it is not for us to question.
Well I guess you know that me, Andrea, Narcia, and Mom, are thicker than fleas on a dogs back. We go to the Wall every Memorial Day and visit you guys. It's overwhelming to see all the names, the people, and the emotions. It took them a while, but you now have the greatest memorial in the land. We are so very proud of you. I just came back from 3rd Recon's Reunion, and as alway's, we held a beautiful tribute to all the members of your team,,"Flight Time". We love and miss each and every one of you.
I miss you dearly brother. Semper Fi.