Tribute to Charles Engel

May You Rest In Peace Brother

Charles and brother in-law Mark Hughes

A letter to Bill McBride from Mark Hughes


We had talked about my brother-in-law Charles Engel a few times in the past, and about how proud I was to have him in our family, and his service in Vietnam with the 3rd Recon. A few months ago, along with battling with PTSD he was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw. After radical neck surgery to remove the tumor, and numerous radiation treatments Charlie ultimately gave in and took his own life last night. I can’t tell you the pain that I fell right now, but I wanted to thank you for all the support you guys gave me through the tough times. I would have so much loved to have accompanied him to a 3rd Recon reunion. He told me about a chair at a base I forget, maybe it was Camp Carroll, but it was a place where members of the 3rd Recon would go sit and have time alone after they lost a member. I included a picture of him on that chair. I hope and pray for ever family member of our veterans that they never have to experience this pain so many years after the war. At least we now know he can rest in peace, and be with his fellow 3rd Recon men in heaven.