Circa 67

John Rhodes Collection

Rear L/R: John Rhodes, Roland, Ringler.
Center: Freeman, Kirsh, Peters, Doc James.
Front: Tex, Dustin.

Rhodes and Romero Christmas 67, Phu Bai.
Wish I was there John, but my butt was at Con Thien.

Kelm, Lambrecht, Rhodes, Kreger, Unknown?

Someone help ID this Marine.

Bob Fleming. AT&T, may I help you?

Doc James, Peters & John Rhodes.

Chief Doc James

Rhodes, Kelm, Peters, Richards(KIA) Dustin
Dong Ha 1967

John Rhodes. Fire your photographer John.

Greg Freeman. Favors "Oddball" on Kelly's Heroes.

Unknown, and Rhodes

Where did you steal the jeep John?
Must be on a liquor run!

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