Circa 1967


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Photos compliments of Ron Moore

This is the 2nd platoon of Delta Company

Doc Ford snacking on a B2 unit.

Lt. Norman Hisler Delta Co 66/67. Norm was a Mustanger
and well liked by the men of Delta Company. He was killed
near Quantico, Va. in 69 or 70. by a drunk driver.

Tom Hartung with his" Mr Vietnam" pose!

What happened to that "Mr.Vietnam" body Tongue?
Reunion 2000 New Orleans


Ron Moore at the resort area of Quang Tri, Feb. 1968

L/R: Bunner, Ron Moore, a Marine they went thru staging with.

L/R: S/Sgt. Cowdry, Capt. Rhodes and the "Boss" Top Bates
Quang Tri. 68. They called this their winter vacation home.

I wonder if our homeowners was paid up!
Guess the Gooks thought Top had it too easy.

Ed Diak, Dueth. Dong Ha Feb. 1967

Doc Robert Glance, Ron Moore. July 1967 Dong Ha

Ed Diak on Hill 881 Sept. 67. Temporary Comm relay.

Martinez, Lt. Glenn, Cpl. Moore
Sgt. Smith clowning in the background.

Ammo Dump @ Dong Ha

Doc Ford / Top Bates heading to the showers

John Stockman (AKA) Long John Silver

The man was always thinking about his next trick.

John's Christmas card 67'

Thom Canaughton>Hail to Delta Co!!

Eddie Montgomery (far right) Need help with names here.

Blankenship, Zapien, Moore, Parker, Hartung

Doc Ford and Pfc. Mike Wolf standing in a crater from a 122 rocket.

Pfc. Gibson @ Quang Tri early 68

Delta Co Hdqt. early 68 Quang Tri

Pfc.Gibson sizing up the new out-house maybe?

Ron Moore's Grandkids. Taking a little R&R China Beach Stateside.

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