3rd Reconnaissance Battalion

Northern I Corps

Republic of Vietnam

Quang Tri Province

1967 / 1968

Northern I Corps

 Operation Buffalo.We (Teams from 3rd Force and 3rd Bn.) left Con Thien with A-1-9. The operation began a couple days after this photo was taken when B-1-9 walked into a huge ambush. (July 1967 Con Thien)  Four (4) man "keyhole" 3rd Force Recon Team At the "Rockpile" , left to right- Bob Nixten, Eddie DeLezen (Me), Joe Jennings and Clyde Poole.

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"THE UNIDENTIFIED" in my Photo Gallery to Team Website.

The two (2) pictures above are unfortunately all of my other photos from those days were lost with my seabag somewhere in Okie.

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