mp Geiger.

Gallery II

Parachute Training

Force Recon Marines pride themselves because of their qualification in parachuting and scuba diving.
Both methods of insertion behind enemy lines are essential but had little use in Vietnam. Lt. Col. W.C. Floyd,
Maj. Anderson and Capt. Jon Shebel kept the unit in a readiness state by having extensive refresher courses
in these and other methods of entry. Lt. Don Blair, the parachute officer/jump master for Third Force Reconnaissance
Company made several practice jumps around the camp at Dong Ha, Red Beach near DaNang and in the sand dunes
near the mouth of the Cua Viet River. Although these were not combat jumps, no area in Northern I Corps was considered
completely secure and there was always an element of excitement and caution during the jumps. These parachute jumps
served as a motivational tool for the young jumpers working for their Gold Parachute Wings and much sought after jump pay.
This training was also an excellent preparation for combat jumps if ever needed.

These photos compliments of Don Blair
former parachute officer/jump master.

Need help indentifying these Marines.

Lt. Don Blair in his younger days. Dong Ha

Final preparation/inspection for a jump.

This photo sent by Terry McGrady

July 1967 Dong Ha

These photos submitted by Tim Rados.
Need some help with a few names here.

Mike Scanlon KIA Jan. 67.

Tim Rados, Gardner in Vieques 1966.

Rados, Gardner, Prior, Speer @ Camp Geiger 1966.

Perkins, Gardner, Rados, Prior, DeMoss, Ukn.

Gustafson, Puida, Nick Natzke, Ozzie Austin.

Tim O'Brian, Butler. Camp Geiger.

Ukn, Moore, Socsic, Schmitt.

Pridgen, Squid, Tim Rados, Ukn, Ukn.

Bill Pridgen, Tim Rados, Ukn, Ukn.

John Giberson, Unk, and Bill Pridgen.

Doc was KIA Feb. 19, 1968.

Jack Wright. John Giberson, Augie Zaggora, Wilbur Case
Ed Oliver, Dan Prior, Bill Stroup, March 1966.

Dennis and Bob Spear. Camp Gieger 1965

Jungle Expert School Ft. Sherman/Canal Zone, 1966
Maj. Gary Wilder, Sgt. Bill Schmitt, Capt. R.R. Grega,
1stSgt. Harry Martin, Lt. George Stern, Capt. Alex Ward (KIA)

March 1967. Team "Swamprat"

Photo taken by Carl Nielsen
Standing L. to R.): L.E. Keen, Charlie E. Harris, Alastair D. Scott, - Stevens – Fritzgerald, and Ihor Rymaruk. Kneeling: Anibal Avilllan.

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