These photos were sent by the late SSGT Bob Barham

Rest in Peace Brother.

1-D-1, Team Mamba, Dec 1967, Cam Lo River
area AT-032588 extraction by HMM-163 Crew chief "Red,"
pilot CPT Zoller.
L-R: "Red," SGT Barham, LCPL Reich, CPL Sharp.

1st Platoon, D Company 3rd Recon, tent area, Dong Ha, winter monsoon - Jan 1967. L-R LCPL O'Neal,
PFC Gaddyn LCPL Grasiono (KIA), LCPL Craig, CPL Peck,
SGT Bob Barham (center) LCPL Calhoun, PFC Clarke. Most were Team Mamba members.

Left/ Jeff O'Neill & Sgt. Evans in front of Company Hooch@ Dong Ha 1967

Photos from Shortround's Harborsite/Steve Shircliff 2D2

The famous "Rockpile" Home of "Sierra Relay".

Ken Burnett Quang Tri 1968.

Shortround / 2 days to go home.

4 days later, finally back home Jan 1969.

Mike "Hollywood" Cappa, Quang Tri 68.


Yerbich, Ron McClain, Bob McGuire 68.

Woody, Doc Melton, Idus Conners
Quang Tri May 68.

Larry Kuenzer, Mike "Tiny" Brockman.

Billy Buck, Doc Melton,
The boys from Fayetteville.

John Wood & Larry Kuenzer

Brennan Toohey, Billy Buck,
Mike Cappa
Need help to indentify others

Billy Buck, John Wood, Steve "Shortround" Shircliff, Don Lynar (May 1968) Quang Tri

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