Charlie Co. Vietnam 1968

George Boks showing off his long-rats.

George Boks taking a compass reading.

George Boks checking the area.

George Boks & Angel Reyes (3C1)

Thumbs up on the chow from George.

George Boks checking out a hootch.

George & 3C1 in the BackYard area.

Inside the chopper ready for insertion.

James Smith checking out another hootch.

Jerry Beasley filling up w/ Artesian Spring Water!

Jerry Beasley (3C1)

Jim Young flippin' burgers @ Quang Tri

Jim Young

Jim Romero (3C1) holding cover

John Romero (3C1) The Consummate Marine!

John Romero, George Boks @ chopper pad / Quang Tri

John Romero

John Romero, Aaron Moore

More Photos from George Boks Collection