2002 Reunion Washington D.C.

These are some heroes of 3rd Recon


Please help me with these names, Ted Williams & Wife on Rgt.


Brother Bill seems to have the situation under control.


Stan the Man and Big Jim.


Now Terry has to set things straight!

Terry & Jeanne Addis were a welcome addition this year.


Ted looks like he's doing alright here.


Good times are about to begin. They are up to no good.


Somebody looks chit faced here!


Or was it Brennan that drank the well dry!
The secret's out Bro'


First time since the Nam.

Len Rapauno, Doc Sellers, Tom Murtha.


Terry, Jeanne, Jim, Linda


I'm serious Terry. What's so funny here?


Grace & Claire tippin'


Please send me names for two men on left.


Would someone bring Shortround another beer please?


Grace is doing a fine job here trying to keep this to a minimum.

Bill has got their attention now.

Shortround & Nickie
Bring em' on!