2002 Reunion D.C.

Photos Compliments of Fred Ostrom


Team "Dockleaf @ the panel with Jenkins, DeWilde
Ferguson, Tirado and Shinaults
L/R: Steve Lowery, Larry "Doc" Turner, Darrell Eriksen, Fred Ostrom


Wreath layed at the Wall July 2002

Paying Tribute to Our Brothers


Rita Sellers


Just one of the many flags we left at the" WALL"


Panel & Flags w/ Jenkins, DeWilde,
Ferguson, Tirado and Shinault


Photos Compliments of Tom Murtha

Connie Little and Rita Sellers


Front L/R: Doc Sellers, ?
Rear: Tom Murtha, Nickie Smith


Photos Compliments of Steve and Cheryl Shircliff

Shortround, Tommy Abelson, Robert "Willie" Wilson


Rita and Doc Sellers


Jim and Winnie Woodall


Bill and Grace Donnelley


Terry and Jeanne Addis


Jim and Linda Flathers


Doc Melton and Darlene Schneider


My main man Willie Wilson


Steve and Cheryl Shircliff

Shortround's lovely bride Cheryl

Tommy Teague>>>>Party Animal



Doc Sellers, Capt. Gatewood, Nickie Smith
Capt. Gatewood and his crew extracted
the Dallas Girl Team off Dong Ha Mtn.

Andrea, and the babies



Jim and Linda Flathers


Terry Addis, Steve Shircliff, Jim Flathers


Terry and Jeanne Addis
Our 3rd Force Rep's


Winnie Woodall and Cheryl Shircliff