Photos by Lee Webber
Pacific Sunday News


Lee 1 : Webber on patrol in the "backyard" in 1967. As a Navy medic, Webber carried his supplies in his Unit 1 bag. Later he would transfer his supplies to a Claymore mine bag so that his status as a medic could not be determined. Webber says medics and radiomen were targeted by the enemy.

Lee 2: Webber stands in front of the Quang Tri air strip, slowly being overrun by vegetation

Lee 3: Webber and Burnett 30 years later exploring the Vinh Moc tunnel complex.

Lee 4: In 1967, Lee Webber, right, and Ken "Bernie" Burnett found themselves based at Quang Tri base camp.

Lee 5: Tunnels: The Vinh Moc tunnel complex, constructed in 1965-66 by the people of the Vinh Linh village. The entrance ways were so small, Webber says, that his shoulders scraped on both sides of the wall walking through.

Lee 6: A photo of the table setting for the Fallen Comrades piece.

Lee 7: Reminders of the past: Farmers surround a hand grenade with rocks and continue to plant around it. The grenade was left over from the war. Live ammunition can be found throughout the countryside.