Historical Notes

Third Recon Battalion

This section of the Third Recon Harborsite is set aside for preserving the history of the battalion and the memories and recollections of the men who served in it. Some articles will be rather formal and well documented, and others may amount to storytelling. The reader will have to draw his or her own conclusions about just how accurate the information is in each article.

One of the main purposes here is to preserve the context and reality of a reconner's Vietnam service. Some articles will be written in the third person, and some will be simple emails, letters, or just ramblings. We hope each one brings some new meaning and understanding to someone who might not have been aware or, up until reading this page, just didn't realize something about these Recon men.

Before proceeding, please be advised that the following writings are not edited to make them "acceptable" in polite society. Many are brutally plain and plainly state a recollection, an opinion, or what might strike some who were not there as strange, or worse. Do not read any of these if you are not prepared to simply take them for what they are worth.


Gary Talent's Death. Robert "Frenchy" LaFreniere.

Patrols History, 1967.  Listing of 3rd Recon patrols and attendant statistics for the year 1967. "We lost a battalion..." George Neville, referring to the USMC KIA and wounded.

Commanding Officers of 3rd Recon.  Commanding officers of the battalion and companies, 1965 through 1969. (Updated 11 Jan 99)


Factually-based Fiction

Robert "Frenchy" LaFreniere.  Below are writings based on the author's personal experiences. We use his own words below as a preface to the writings:

"The attached, VOICE, is FYI.  It was published in the Journal of Readjustment Counseling, last April.  I got a hell of a lot more from my work at the Vets Center than I gave.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
"LEAVE" and "PRICE" fall into the category of "creative non-fiction."  They are highly fictionalized versions of my experience designed to engage a larger audience without our unique experience and knowledge.  If you think posting them would please, inform, benefit, encourage, or evoke any emotion in former reconners and others readers, I'd be proud.  But, they are not intended to depict actual events.  They are just my way of finding a trail through the hazy maze of memory, perception and suppressed emotion.  Whatever I can do,  I'm happy to do, Jim.  As you so said, "Whatever it is, I know I derive a good deal of satisfaction in sharing."  I guess it's how we tend and nurture, what is for some, a garden of bitterness.  I don't harvest much, but what I do, I'm glad to have."

About Frenchy.   Robert LeFreniere discusses his experiences and how he began writing.

Voice.   Voice was published in the Journal of Readjustment Counseling, April, 1998.

Leave. by Robert "Frenchy" LeFreniere

Price. By Robert "Frenchy" LeFreniere