H&S Company
Republic of Vietnam

Our Mission

The primary mission of our Headquarters and Service Company is to provide the Battalion Commander with the facilities for effective command-control and to provide limited amounts of fire and service support to subordinate elements of the battalion.

The company is divided into functional groups as follows:

1. A Battalion Headquarters and Executive Staff which direct, control and coordinate the actions of the entire battalion. In addition to the Battalion Commander, his Executive Officer and Sergeant Major, are the S-1, S-2, S-3, and S-4 sections plus the Chaplain.

2. A Communication Platoon which provides the channels necessary for exercising control and coordination.

3. Service support elements which provide limited service support to the battalion and include:
a. A Motor Transport section
b. A Supply / Armorer section
c. A Cook section

4. A Medical Platoon of doctors and corpsmen which provides for aid station or field emergency treatment
and evacution of casualties requiring hospitalization.

5. A Company Headquarters which provides the necessary administration, security, and logistical support of the company.