The Following is the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion’s Patrol History for the Year 1967

Source: Command Chronologies 3rd Recon Battalion, Marine Corps Historical Center, Washington, D.C

Patrols 1,327

Average Days Per Patrol N/A

Number Men Per Patrol N/A

Sightings 1,257

NVA/VC Sighted 14,121

Contacts 386

Fire Missions 884

Artillery Rounds Fired 38,574

Air Strikes 321

NVA/VC KIA (C) 882

NVA/VC KIA (P) 1,810

NVA/VC Captured 13/2 DOW





Captured Weapons 79

On 01 June 1967, the authorized strength was 32 Officers, 432 Enlisted - USMC. 1 Officer, 23 Enlisted USN. Five letter companies were designated as A, B, C, D, and H & S.

Source: Reconnaissance Battalion, Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force, Revision Number 2 of Tables Of Organization Number M-1428: Marine Corps Historical Center, Washington D.C.

This is what the statistics reveal:

  1. Patrols: Assuming the entire T/O strength of the battalion was deployed in the field for 365 days, that's equivalent to each Marine in the battalion continuously turning around 2.7 day patrols.
  2. Sightings: 3.4 per day.
  3. NVA/VC sighted: The equivalent of three T/O divisions including separate battalion combat support / logistics elements.
  4. Contacts: 1.05 per day.
  5. Fire missions: 2.42 per day.
  6. Artillery rounds fired: 106 per mission.
  7. Air Strikes: 0.88 per day.
  8. Ratio of enemy KIA ( confirmed) to T/O battalion strength: 1.05 - 1.00
  9. Ratio of enemy KIA (c), KIA (p) and enemy captured to T/O battalion strength: 5.5 -1:00
  10. Ratio of enemy KIA (c) to USMC/USN KIA. 16.6 -1:00
         Percentage of 3rd Recon Bn. T/O strength KIA/WIA (evac) I January 1967 - 31 December 1967: 103%

An analysis will be added to this site, in the near future, explaining the reconnaissance mission in Northern I Corps