Until the time when it looked like you where going to take Denny, I hadnít prayed often because I never had much to say. You gave me a reason and I had a lot to say. I wanted you to let my long lost buddy stay. I had lost him for thirty-one years. Donít get me wrong Iím grateful for the past four months you shared him with me, you see Denny had always been a "Good Friend" to me.

So GOD you called another warrior to your door, you called the one who wrote, "When A Warrior Cries No More"

Well now Lord I know you understand, youíve called to your side Dennis Soldner a 3rd Recon Man. We all miss him down here. Its not odd that thoughts of him foster memorable cheer, just as thoughts of him there, and us here will bring a sorrowful but happy tear.

You see Lord, Denny fought faithful and fought hard even when it didnít involve leaving the joker card. His life was filled with people he loved, and was loved. Denny was one of the Best of the Best, he fought hard not to go; but you knew he needed his rest.

Take care of him. Lord keep him close to thee, and when he gets curious and wants to take point, Lord let him be, he just wants to check on his family. Yes we know this is not usual but please remember heís a 3rd Recon Marine.

Itís him to be out front you see, he just wants to get SitReps on, Tom, George, Stan, Jim and Me. Heís got other 3rd Recon Brothers heís going to want to look after too, we know heíll be standing at the hatchway when the next one comes through.

Semper Fi!

From Us, To You and Denny