More from New Orleans 2000


"B" must be tired of the flicks.

Top's got all the ladies in his corner.

These two just having a ball.

Back to the bull session.
Jim Flathers, Top Bates, Chris Cox, Shortround, Bill McBride

Must be interesting "B"

This is more like it. look a bit embarrared bro'

Gotta keep the drum major squared away.
I hate it when you have to drink by yourself!

Three wise men. Tom looks like he had a hard nite.

More of the Good Time Gang.

Down on Boubon St.

Finally get an Officer to listen after all these years.
Lt. Hoover by the way.
My Series Commander in boot camp.

One of our most talented.
Chris Cox always on top of things.

Couldn't resist just one more!

We sure had fun.

Couple more for good measure from
Chicago 1986 VietnamVeterans Parade.

This is our trip to Chicago 1986 Vietnam Veterans Parade.
There were over one million spectators at this one.

Just some of the 250.000 Vets in the parade.

We all remember Bernie.

That looks like my wife with Bernie.