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 Updated January 21, 2009

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While not a complete Battalion Roster for the years 1961 to 1971; this Main Association Roster contains the names of 3rd Reconners who served in Vietnam that have been located by the Association to date and former battalion members, not located, but verified by association members as having served with the battalion in the Republic of Vietnam.  The roster also contains the names of 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion Marines and Navy Corpsmen that we have determined were Killed In Action and those who have died since their service in Vietnam.  The Association maintains among the best, if not the best, rosters and verified listings of any veteranís association. A great deal of effort and hard work went into creating and verifying these listings and they can be relied upon for accuracy.

 If you served in the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion in combat and would like to become a member of the Association, please complete the following form:

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If you have additional information or changes regarding the (Click) Wall of Honor or (Click) Final Taps contact  webmaster.

The complete roster is a very big file. One that is much too large to utilize in this format.  There are over 3,300 names contained here. The listings are broken down alphabetically for ease of loading.  All the names listed on the Main Association Roster are color-coded reflecting the associations knowledge of the individuals listed here-in.   

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 If you were a member of 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion with service Vietnam and your names does not appear on this list please contact me with all of your information.
Thank you.