Roster "O"

Color Codes

Black  =  Active Member

Red     KIA

Gold   =  Obit, member has passed away

Gray   Verified 3rd Reconner. Inactive, prior, missing, or never a member.

Last Name

First Name




O'Brian John J. A 1966
O'Canas Maximiliano V. A   1968
O'Connell Henry F. H&S 1966
O'Connor Michael M. D 1969
O'Dell George  


3rd Force 1968
O'Donnell Douglas W. 3rd Force 1966
O'Flaherty John J. D 1967
O'Flynn James F. 3rd Force 1967
O'Neill Jeffrey S. D   1966
O'Toole Lawrence P. C 1965
Oakley William L. D 1965
Oaks Fred L. A 1969
Ochoa Peter L. B 1965
Oertel George R. A 1965
Oestman David E.  


Ofstead John B A 1963
Orfe James R. 3rd Force 1967
Ogle Ronald E. B   1967
Olavarria Edward M. E 1968
Olayvar Herbert   D   1969
Oleksiak Robert S. D 1965
Olenzuk Kenneth F. D 1967
Olivares Agedo   H&S 1968
Olive Gary B. D 1966
Olive Ronald J. D   1965
Oliver Edward J. 3rd Force 1967
Oliver Joseph H. H&S 1965
Olsen Charles L. D 1966
Olsen Gary   B 1966
Olson Michael C. A 1968
Ommondson James D. B  
Oneil Ace E. B  
Oniszczuk Ted   D 1968
Oppenheimer Robert L. E 1968
Orfe James R. 3rd Force 1967
Orris John   B 1965
Orta Ruberto Jr. C 1968
Ortiz Armando   H&S 1966
Ortiz Ronald D. C 1967
Ortman Lynn R. H&S 1967
Ortuna David   B 1969
Osborn Danny G. D 1967
Osborne Edward V. C 1968
Osborne Richard G. D 1965
Ostiguy Nelson N. E 1968
Ostrom Fred D. C   1968
Ottaway, Jr.  James   C 1968
Otto David J. D 1966
Overholser Gene F. D 1968
Owen Allen   B 1965
Owen Dale E. D 1969
Owen Michael R. C 1968
Owen Michael Ryan A 1968
Owen Modock 


D 1965






Owens Jerry G. 3rd Force 1967
Owens Loren F. B 1969
Owens S. L. B 1966
Owens, Jr. Thomas P. 3rd Force 1968
Owings Donn E. E 1968

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