Charlie Co Third Platoon / January 1966 / submitted by Gene Keith Huddleston

The time of this photo is January 1966, and we were 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company attached to BLT 3/4. We were at Camp Schwab in Okinawa from December 22, 1965 until we returned to Phu Bai, RVN, in March 1966 along with BLT 3/4. Upon our return, B Company under Captain Compton and Force Recon under Major Colby were at Phu Bai. We became 3rd Platoon, B Company sometime in there until most of us rotated in April-June 1966 time frame.

Top Row, Left to right:
Nelson, R. J.
Brooks, M. C.
Shea, Gerald F.
Nelson, Lawrence E. Jr
Miller, William F.
Messer, J. E.
Beckham, Willie L.
Ballentine, R. D.

2nd Row, left to right:
Sitton, Edward D. - Corpsman
Friedman, Marvin
Fontane, Rudolph
Vogel, Denis J.
Holt, M. R.
Gerhart, E. J.
Rossi, A. P.
Steuer, Harold J.
Palmer, J. T.

First row, left to right:
Skully, Kenneth A.
Collins, Bryan C.
Bailey, Garner Jr.
Pritchard, Alexander J.
Huddleston, Gene Keith
Musselwhite, James T.
Mills, Burley A.
Harris, James D.
Heath, Raymond Douglas
Mattson, Lawrence W. (kneeling)

Some History: After we completed Basic School, Ranger School, and Airborne School, Lt William T. Henderson and I reported to 3rd Recon Bn on May 25, 1965, in Danang, RVN. Bill was sent to Alpha Company, and I was sent to Charlie Company (Captain Colassard, Lt Leary, Lt Homan, Lt. Dicke, 1st Sgt Ward, Gunny Miller came later). On May 26, I reviewed all the SRBs of the Marines in 3rd Platoon, and from that review and interviews, organized the platoon. A few days later, Charlie Company relocated by truck convoy to Phu Bai and was attached to BLT 3/4 (LTC W. W. Taylor). Lt Frank Reasoner's platoon that had been at Phu Bai returned to Alpha Company in Danang. In June, Captain Colassard rotated and Lt Dan Leary became acting CO. In August, Captain Joseph E. Revell reported in as our Company Commander. In September, Charlie Company, minus one platoon, was ordered back to Danang. Captain Revell had the Platoon Leaders to draw straws, and I "won". My 3rd Platoon of Charlie Company was detached from the Company, and attached to BLT 3/4. The rest of Charlie Company returned to Danang and rejoined 3rd Recon Bn from which they conducted patrolling operations. My platoon patrolled the TAOR around Phu Bai for BLT 3/4 until we left RVN in December 1965 with 3/4. When we returned in March 1966 and until June 1966 when I rotated to 8th&Eye, we patrolled out to the northwest of Hue along with other elements of B Company and Force Recon.

October and November 1965, my platoon endured a number of casualties from booby traps and sniper. The personnel who were in the platoon prior to that time are as follows:

Dennis, Jimmy W. - rotated
Book, Michael - rotated
Cosgrove, J.E. - rotated
Wynn, Willis Watson - WIA
Smith, Steve K. - Artillery FO
Walcott, FO RTO
Strehle, Heinz H. - WIA
Gorczewski, Peter - WIA
Alsip, Robert S. - WIA
Enwright, Thomas J. - WIA
Anderson, Tom - WIA
Haire, Joe - WIA

"Members of Charlie Company" May 1965.

Compiled by Gene Keith Huddleston


Ackerman, Jerry A.
Alsip , Robert S.
Anderson , Thomas
Ayala, Sgt 1st Squad Leader 1st Plt
Bailey , Garner Jr.
Berry, Phillip W.
Brantly, Jackie L.
Bujan, William H.
Campbell, Ralph J.
Cheff, Stanley W.
Church, John S.
Colassard, Barry Capt. Company CO
Davey, John P.
Decker, Dennis R.
Delk, Robert H.
Dickie 2nd Platoon Leader, Dennis Michael

Donaho Radio Operator
Early, Cpl wounded in P.I.
Ebbs Ralph E. (KIA)
Enwright, Thomas J.
Fontane Rudolph
Frick, Jack E.
Gerhart Eugene J. Gearhart, Eugene J.
Giacalone Cpl & 1st Plt Sgt. before Vietnam
Gomes, Robert E.
Gorczewski Peter
Gregorich, Thomas
Griffin, Cpl Co. Supply Sgt
Griffith, LCpl killed in P.I.
Haire William J.
Harris James D.
Heath, Douglas Raymond
Hendricks, Edwin V.
Henery James D.
Hintz, Marvin L.
Holloway John D.
Homan, 2nd Lt, replaced Vankat , Franklin J.
Horan, Michael J.
Humphrey, Mike
Hunter, Wm William Jr.
Hymer 1st Platoon Sgt in Viet Nam
Jackson John T.
James, "Doc" Bobby W.
Jones, Jim
Jordan Stanton E.
Jordan, Wm
Karnes [Gene Keith Huddleston] or was it Carnes, Wallace J. ?
Kennedy, John J.
Kirkpatrick, "Doc" Melvin E.
Krall, Robert J.
Lane, Larry

Lawson Dennis A.
Lempergel, Wm.
Lloyd, left when C Co. shipped to Vietnam
Lorfink, John William
Lynn, John
Maddock, Raymond D.
Matranga, John
Matthews, Ron XO and 1st Platoon Leader
Mattis, John W.
Mattson Lawerence
Messer John E.
Miller Gunny Miller W.
Miller William F.
Mills Burley A.
Mitchell, Don A
Moore, J.J.
Musselwhite , James T.
Neal William R.
Nelson, Jr. Lawrence E.
Newman Ronald S.
Perkins Danny L.
Perkles Daniel
Plattner, Robert F.
Pritchard, Alexander J.
Ramirez Puerto Rican
Rapuano, Len
Ritchie Robert D.
Rowland Orin Lee
Scott Miller W ( Gunny)
Shartel John L.
Shaul John F.
Shea Gerard F.
Skinner, Doc
Skully Kenneth A ( Deceased)
Somosky, Franklin A.
Starks 1st Sqd Leader 1st Plt before Vietnam
Steuer Harold J.
Stolt, R.J.
Strehle, Heinz H. "Dutch"
Stringham Stephan
Thomas Melvin
Thomas Robert
Thomas, Doc
Thorsen, Art
Ward, 1st Sgt Vietnam Lyndolph (NMI)
Weaver, Clarence H.
Webb Richard L.
Weber David A.
Wesbrook Franklan
Whitehouse, Francis R.
Williams Lawerence J.
Williams Jackson E.
Williams, Jackson E.
Woods George F.
Wynn , Willis Watson