Charlie Company

Republic of Vietnam


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We need pictures, stories, poems, and other materials related to our great company!

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Tribute to the Charlie Company fallen

Marble Champ 3C1 1968 sent by Mike Green

Photos of Charlie Co sent by George Boks

John Shartel II, Charlie and H&S Co, '65-66.

Fire Raider Patrol June 1969

Recollections of Nam by Dennis Soldner.

Master Chief Larry "Doc" Turner

Sgt/Maj. Clifford D. Mooney Tribute Page

David Hetrick & Friends 1968 sent by David's Son, Robert Hetrick

History of Charlie Company in 1964-65 - by Jim Jones.
This is a story starting in June, 1964 when 3rd Recon had Raider Companies.

Company Commanders Vietnam 1965-1969

Awards for Bravery Complete listing from our records.

Missing 3rd Platoon: Charlie Co was split up during the Bay of Tonkin float.

Ron "Doc" Cassidy and his team at Dong Ha.

Reunion Pictures from San Antonio and Gunther, Alabama.

Mike Barnerd N.O. Reunion / Paul Stover's Collec.

The "Tiger Encounter" Man eater killed by a Charlie Co Team

Pictures from Steve Laktash

Collection of Charlie Co Marines in Vietnam: Provided by Fred Ostrom.

Charlie Co. 3rd Platoon 65/66 submitted by Gene Keith Huddleston

Dan Leary, Doug Heath, John Messer by Gene Keith Huddleston

More Photos Charlie Co Circa 65/66 by Gene Keith Huddleston

Charlie Co in DC by Gene Keith Huddleston

Charlie Co in Kentucky 2004 by Gene Keith Huddleston

Lt. Mike Dicke by Gene Keith Huddleston

Charlie Co On The Move Again by Gene Keith Huddleston

Charlie Co. 1967 by Dwight Harper

Unknown Charlie Co. Marines. Help ID these men.