Third Recon Corpsmen

This page has not been completed. It is intended to honor those who took care of the Marines of 3rd Recon, sometimes in the MOST difficult of circumstances. There is a basic problem in gathering the proper information concerning those who served as "Docs" in the battalion. They were Navy personnel as well as reconners and were not listed on the company and battalion rosters as were the Marines. However, there is a will to do this and it will be done, one way or another. Please check back occasionally to see what progress might have been made here.

The first "thank you" (on this page) is to those corpsmen who sacrificed themselves to treat the wounded Marines within their care. We will attempt to list their names on this page as we compile that information. Next to be listed will be those that survived in spite of their heroic actions, and those who did their day-to-day duty by "being there," going along out in the bush on the long-and-short-range patrols, holding sick call back in camp, and fully doing their duty whether or not the opportunity for combat occurred.

It is clear that that these 3rd  Reconners, considered by most Marine reconners to also be "Marines," hold a special place in the hearts of their brothers. It is to these men that this page is dedicated, we hope it does them justice.


3rd Recon Battalion Corpsmen Roster updated 15 Dec 2003

This is only a partial listing of our corpsmen. In relation to all those that served with the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, there are few names. It has been difficult to obtain the names of the Marines of 3rd Recon during the war years and the difficulty is many times greater in finding the names of our corpsmen. This list is a "living" document, that is, it will be dynamic and growing as we add these brothers to our roster. We will be Semper Fidelis to these special men.

Photos of some of our Corpsmen

Tribute by Dennis Soldner to corpsmen

Dennis Soldner was one of many of the battalion who saw intense combat and was seriously wounded many times. This is how Dennis, a Silver Star recipient among other awards, feels about the corpsmen involved in his life. It speaks for itself.

Looking for Our Corpsmen updated 16 Dec. 2003

The main task of a recon unit is to gather information. We need to "recon" the area and find our missing brothers not yet in contact.


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