3rd Reconnaissance Battalion

Northern I Corps

Vietnam Revisited

Thua Thien Province


Bach Ma

 Top of Bach Ma looking toward the Ashau Valley, we camp in this spot.---1997.  Road repair. We helped this crew remove a rockslide. This was on the way to the peak of Bach Ma. These people make about 25-28 dollars US per month and it is a coveted job. Only people from the north are hired.
 Ron Kittren in the bush, a makeshift raincoat to keep leeches off (didnt work). We were hiking up Bach Ma and stopped to take leeches off, it was raining pretty hard but it felt good to cool down. At the summit of Bach Ma , the Marine fighting holes are as they were left. We camp up there and dig through the ruins of the French village. We havent been able to locate anyone that spent any time up there. It must have been a relay. Down the slope about 2 km is an old NVA trench system. We found fresh Tiger tracks at the summit as well as monkeys and apes.---1997

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