"Formed in Action"

Phu Bai, RVN - 15 Dec. 1967

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History & Awards of Echo Company in Vietnam

Stories and Poems

1998 Reunion Picture, Echo Company

Scan of Echo Company Patch

Photos from Steve Papendieck

Photo from Ira Tatum

Rob Barnard's Echo Company Picture Album

Photo sent by Sgt. Terry McGrady

A picture of Cam Lo (C-3)

On patrol near Cam Lo, June '68 (C-3)

An "April Showers" patrol near Cam Lo (C-3)

Another Picture taken at Cam Lo

More of Team "April Showers"

Recon Marines setting in an all night LP at Cam Lo (C-3)

Echo Company Marines on watch near Cam Lo:

Pictures taken by 2/Lt. Bruce Wilson

Platoon Picture of First Platoon, Echo Company, 1968

"Intrigue" Christmas 1968