Here is another picture taken at Cam Lo{C-3} in June, 1968.

Echo Co. was sent to Cam Lo to man the lines after the grunts were pulled out to go on an operation. This is how we spent a lot of our days while we were there, while at night we manned a section of fighting holes and one machine gun bunker. We also took our turn running day patrols around one half of Cam Lo's perimeter, which I also have a few pictures of. .

From left to right{or from foreground to background} is Pfc. Charles Kimble and behind him is Paul Welch{we called him "lurch"}. Lurch was our point man and I believe he was a Cpl. at this time. I think, maybe, this is the same Paul M. Welch, Sr. listed in the battalion roster. I think he was from Louisiana. I think this picture is looking to the East toward Dong Ha. Photo by Steven Buck