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Quang Tri 1968

Compliments of Mike Green

Lt. Gregory ready insertion.

Marble Champ's Hootch, Quangtri 68'

Marble Champ, May 1968

LZ Balong Valley POW 4, 1968

Mess Hall, L/R Hatchet, Reyes, Landrith, Romerod.

Mike Green @ Cam Lo Bridge 7/68

Mike Green @ Div. Forward, Dong Ha 11/68

Mike Green w/ Chris 4/68

Moleskin (3C3) May 1968

Moleskin 3C3, Reed, Landrith, Sgt. May, Ringler, May 68

Mollett, Sawyers, Oct 68

Puckett at Camp Carroll, 9/68

Recon's Area June 1968

Reed on radio watch @ Camp Carroll

Romero, Buatte & Smith May 68

Steve Matheson & Mike Green

TET 68 Comm Shack

Wayne Thompson & Mike Green

Marble Champ Extraction

The Razorback looking from atop the Rockpile