"My Madness"

by Gilbert Luke

Rumbling from the depths of me
Head throbbing, Heart Pounding
Blood Rushing Upward
Beads Of Hot Sweat Form on My Head
Trickling Down, Melding with the Mist in My Eyes
Palms Clammy, Tight Fists, Gritting Teeth

Instinctive control battling turmoil
Anger oozing from my pores, bordering trembling Rage
Surging up and outward
Just Leave Me Alone
Don't Bother Me
Don't take me for granite
You Don't Realize My Threshold
I Don't Want To Realize My Limit
My Smile, Easy Going Demeanor
They're not always there, only when you're looking
Take away your eyes and look with your heart and you will see
The volume of my madness about to unleash its self upon you

Let It Be, A Day At A Time So Many Polyphasic thoughts,
Traveling in Quantum leaps
Day In, Day Out.....

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