Third Reconnaissance Battalion

Northern I Corps

Republic of Vietnam

Quang Tri & Thua Thien Provinces

May 1969

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 The Alpha Compnay Memorial.The memorial is dedicated to the memory of L/Cpl. Gerald G. McGinley and L/Cpl Dennis E. Mickelson of Alpha Company both KIA December 28, 1968.

 "Radio Shack". Looking up from the saddle past the memorial to the top of Hill 819.
 Unidentified Recon Marines enjoying an afternoon barbarcue of "Ham" patties?  Gilbert Luke in center of photo philosophying to unidentified Recon Marine on "India Relay" (Hill 819)

To View Gilbert Lukes Artisic and Expressive work click here "Gilbert Lukes Gallery"

 Unidentified Recon Marines cleaning gear and standing watch at the western edge of Hill 819.  Cpl. Leslie E. Gordon (Flash) of 1C2 setting up 60mm mortar oncalls (Note angle position of tube).
 Looking NorthWest from Hill 819, Hill 574 in foreground with Vandergrift Combat Base (VCB) up the valley in distance.  Looking North Northwest from Hill 819 to Quan Thu in the valley where the Song Quang Tri and Highway 9 bend south of VCB. We would witness a firefight in the low hills in the distance between the grunts from elements of 9th Marines and a Rear Guard of an NVA convoy.
 Looking North Northwest from Hill 819 across the Song Quang Tri and Route 556 at Hills 232 & 560.  Looking North from Hill 819 across the Song Quang Tri to Hill 385 where the junction for Route 556 & Route 558 is. One night we would have to sit and watch in frustration as a convoy of enemy vehicles proceed along Route 556, up the side of the hills towards Hill 385 and slowly disappear. 
To Read the story on this & the firefight click here "Distant Lights"
 Looking North From Hill 819 across the Song Quang Tri to Route 556.  Looking Northeast from Hill 819 towards Ba Long
 A view of the cleared NorthEast Finger leading off Hill 819.  A team of Recon Marines crossing the saddle for stroll into the jungle.

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