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History of Bravo Company


Awards for Bravery


Bravo Co / The early years / Chu Lai / Camp Schwab

Bravo Circa 65' by Mogens Jepsen

Phu Bai / Khe Sahn Circa 66-67

Photos of Circa 66 - 67 by Ernie Davis

Photos of Frank Moffett and friends

Ray Milligan's Website 67 / 68

Gary Brooks Awards Ceremony 2004

The Warriors of Hill 881S

Bravo Co at Khe Sahn

Khe San Veterans Home Page


**In Rememberance**

photo courtesy of Dick Swanson

Honoring those who died at Khe Sanh

Last Name First/Middle Name
Barmmer Timothy Michael
Beddoe Paul Melvin
Bryan Charles William
Healy Richard John
Hollis Thomas William
Jones Terry Agusta
Lyons Carl
McCann James Kevin
Meggs Marion Lee
Miller Charles Wayne
Popowitz Gregory Francis
Reather Wallace Lee Jr.
Rosa Juan Antonio
Scribner Gary David
Smith Richard John
Stickel Gary Stephen
Tallent Garry Glenn
Tingley Thomas James
Yeary Randal Douglas

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