Bravo Co

The Early Days in Chu Lai and Camp Schwab, Okinawa

Photos compliments of Walt Klein


First Sergeant Dan L. Hill chowing down on some C-rats. "Top" served in WW II, Korea and Vietnam. He lied about
his age to enlist during WW II, and was 16 years old when he
landed on Iwo Jima.


1st Sgt. Dan L. Hill enjoying a brew after a long day.

Anthony Sturgis, Eddie Ward, Alben Brenkus

Bravo Co. Base Camp at Chu Lai. The roped off area was a local burial ground.


Bravo HQ and Company Office

Company Office at Camp Schwab


William Pribble and Tim McCarthy

Don Menton holding little friend "Charlie".


Cleaning the gear, left Ray Dawson. Don't know Marine pushing the can.

Robert Weeks from North Carolina.

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