Bravo Company

Circa 66 / 67

Photos Compliments of Ernie Davis

One of our best friends. HU1E

Ernie Davis, David Meister and John Weslow. Location Unknown.

Ready for some Scuba Exercises.
Bob Peterson facing the camera.

Ron Gavatorta and Ernie Davis in front of the Bravo Company Office in Phu Bai.

Ernie Davis in Phu Bai

Ernie with his war-paint on the ship early 67'.

Ernie Davis and the famous Robert Charles Barnes III, the "Stone Killer" and Navy Cross Recipient.

A burning Vil. Location unknown.

Kevin Iveson and David Meister. Location unknown.

Tony Johnson, Robert Barnes, Richard Semer and Dan Preston on the ship to Okinawa in early 1967.