2002 Reunion Washington D.C.
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Doc Melton, Darlene Schneider sharing the moments.


Jim & Winnie Woodall,( such a lovely couple)

Doc Sellers, Capt. Gatewood, Nickie Smith

Nicki Smith and my Bro' Tommy Abelson

Big Jim Flathers, Shortround, Steve Lowery
Looking for a golf game.

I believe we can still kick a little ass!
Front L/R Terry Addis, Doc Melton, Tom Hartung
Bill Donnelly, Willie Wilson, Shortround
Rear/ Brennan Toohey, Jim Flathers.

Nickie was pouring down the Highballs!

One hell of a crew we got here.

It has been a long time since jump school for these two.

Tutone and Kathy
Looks like love to me Tommy

Darlene, you are well surrounded here.
Bill Donnelly, Shortround, Doc Melton, Jim Flathers

Trying to talk Doc into a shot of Jim Beam

You notice Nickie is always around the women?
Grace Donnelly, and Linda Flathers.

Darlene loves the attention boys!