2002 Reunion D.C.

Nickie Smith


Doc Melton

Doc Melton remembering Idus Conners & John Foy
Lost their lives on the "River Patrol", July 1968


Falling in at 8th & I


A solemn reminder of our lost brothers.


A hard time for all

Paying tribute to Flight Time.


A rookie photographer here.


Just part of the Gang.


More from Arlington.


Fratres Aeterni at it's best.

Robert Wilson: Always ready for the cameras!


Looks like a party to me!

Tom Hartung and his lovely wife Claire

We all know who the boss is here!
Rita & Doc Sellers


Our dear friends Jim and Winnie Woodall


Looks like the King and Queen of the prom.
Grace & Bill Donnelly.


Our dear friends from 3rd Force.
Terry and Jeanne Addis


What can I say? My closest friends Jim & Linda Flathers.


Like Brother and Sister.
Doc Melton and Darlene Schneider.