Third Force Recon

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Group photo with Digger, Terry and others


Lt. Terry Graves MOH Citation for Terry Graves


Digger O'Dell (3rd Force), Col. Bill Kent (CO, 3rd Recon Bn '67-68), Bill McBride (Alpha, Echo, Delta) in San Antonio, 1995 (?)

Photos Compliments of Terry Addis

Terry Addis & Lobo

Terry Addis and team ready to rock'n roll

“Underwear Patrols” Kelly, Goins, Vandresek, Neary, Jones

Newest technology in Barbecue Grill 1968
Vandresek, Addis, Brooks

Terry Addis, John Kelley, Kevin Jones

Need help with names here.

Photos compliments of Tom Wilson

The team members are: Kneeling L to R - Glenn "Butch" Cox, Orlando "Speedy" Gonzales, and me, Tom Wilson.
Standing L to R - David "Half Pint" Welbaum, ? Kirkendall, "Doc" Montgomery and team leader ? Kennedy

Photos compliments of Guy Pete

December 1967
Top L/R: Sgt. Jerry Owens, L/Cpl. Jeff Schmidt, L/Cpl. Rod Hajdino.
Front L/R: L/Cpl. Jack Chiarmonte, Cpl. Ron Hoffman, L/Cpl. Jim O'Flynn.
Photo compliments of "Digger: O'Dell. 3rd Force 67/68.

Reunion Photos 2002

Terry R. Addis, Jim Santoz, Duane Neary, Lou Kern, Al Bierlein

Reunion 2002

Jim Santoz, Al Bierlein, Mike Wilmouth, Terry Addis

Donnelly, Smith, Toohey, Shircliff, Addis
Terry Addis joined us here in DC for our Bn reunion.

Terry Addis, Brennan Toohey, Doc Melton, Tom Hartung, Jim Flathers
Bill Donnelly, Willie Wilson, Steve Shircliff