3rd Recon Bn Association Membership

If you served in the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion during any conflict and your name does not appear in the Association Roster, please complete Membership Form, and send it to us.

Please be advised that all applications are thoroughly checked and verified. We've had a number of wannabe's try to be listed on the battalion roster. It cannot be done! The 3rd Recon Bn Association probably has the most thorough records and access to military documents of any military service association. We welcome all our brothers, but fakers are unceremoniously rejected. The Association charges no dues, we've already paid our dues. Funding is strictly voluntary and comes from voluntary donations and sales of Association items.

Membership Qualifications


All Marine and Navy personnel who served with or were attached to the 3rd Recon Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, in the Republic of Vietnam, during the period of 1961 through and including 1971 shall be eligible for membership in and affiliation with the Association.

Associate Membership

The Association shall provide for associate members. An associate membership may be granted to any parent, wife, child or sibling of any person set forth in paragraph one above, alive or deceased. Associate membership shall be limited so that at least 90% of the general membership remains military veterans.

Deceased Veterans

All who meet the qualifications for membership as specified in Section 1, above, and who died either while in Vietnam or since, will be carried on the membership rolls as they become known.


There shall be no dues. However, all members are asked to make donations, within their financial means, to defray the cost of publication of the 3rd Recon Association Newsletter and other association activities.