This Poem appeared in the Pacific Stars and Stripes, date unknown, and was written by LCpl. Herbert Weaver, C Co 3rd Recon Battalion.

"Herbert if you are out there key your handset twice".


"The Reconnaissance Marine"

The entombed chant of a Recon Marine is a deep and silent one.

He knows the job he must do,

For an entire division is depending on him and his small team of men.

We come from many homes and places,

But together we are a team, all risking our lives to complete our mission.

The new breed we are sometimes called,

But then, too, we are a peculiar breed of men.

We know our job is a tough one and worst then most.

But out of the hardships come many honors, and when the war is won at last,

The Marine will recall the war days and its many hardships.

And in his memory he will recall Recon, for wherever the division goes, we have been.