"Poems and Artistic Expression"

The purpose of this gallery is to provide a means where one may express emotions through poetry, art, or photographic venues in memory of the Vietnam Experience.

The Gilbert Luke Collections: Gilbert Luke, Echo 1968-69
"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep", "Itís Not So Hard To Cry", "The Proud", "Welcome", "My Madness", "Blind Escape

Our Vietnam Experience: SgtMaj. Mac McGee, USMC(Retired) Copyrighted 2003

A Prayer for Dennis Soldner: by Gilbert Luke, Echo 1968-69

LZ Finch: by Jerry Giroldi, H & S Company Aug - Dec 1965

Today I Cried: Lawrence Richards, Alpha/Bravo 1966-68

As Strong As Love: Steve Shircliff Delta Company (Showcase) 1967/68/69

A Tribute To My Friend Lanny Long: Dave Althoff HMM 262

The Poems of Thomas Shainline: Thomas Shainline, Charlie 1968-69
"Little Gull", "Joseph", "3rd Recon".

The Reconnaissance Marine: Herbert Weaver, Charlie Company

Recon Marine: Stan (Doc) Sellers, Delta Company (Dallas Girl) 1967-68

Talking to Vietnam : Jim Jones, Charlie Company

Watch for Me on the Mountain by Michael Evans Smith Echo Company 1969
In Memory of Paul Madison Bowlin

The Expressive Writings of Dennis M. Soldner:
Dennis M. Soldner, Charlie 1968-69

"Freedom", "Peace", "When A Warrior Cries No More".