Bravo Co

The Early Days

Photos sent by Walt Klein


The first EM Club at Chu Lai. Lot's of Sam Miguel consumed here.

Finley F. Mondia with "Muff"


Typical tent hooch with non-typical dead guy neighbor.

Company Inspection. What kind of "SH-- is this?


Same day different look.

Must have been laundry day in the rear.


This row of tents with trench faced the South China Sea.

Sgt. R.J. McGee's quarters. Always squared away. McGee
was from Philadelphia and badly missed Peale Brothers Beer.


Our view of the South China Sea from base camp.

Shoeshine boy. He did a lot of business briefly until either Capt.
Compton or 1stSgt Hill decided it would be more Marine like if we shined our own.


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