3rd Reconnaissance Battalion

Northern I Corps

Republic of Vietnam

Quang Tri & Thua Thien & Quang Nam Provinces

April 1969

China Beach


 Jeff McCormick of "E" Co. 3rd Recon. The sign on the building reads "CHINA BEACH ON THE BEACH BY THE SEA EXCHANGE ANNEX", I guess they needed to remind us where we were. The scenery looks just like from that famous TV show, you know the one with all the Nurse's.


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 Jeff McCormick of "E" Co. 3rd Recon whom I had known during stateside duty at MAS Cherry Point. This was Jeff's second tour, his first had been with the "Grunts" where he was wounded and sent home. He re-volunteered for Vietnam and Recon. During a Hot Extraction a teammate of Jeff's, L/Cpl. Steven A. Bell lost his life and our team was sent to recover his body.


 You're from Hawaii, you're stationed here...You're a "Life Guard"!


 What you mean wax on, wax off surf boards?


 I wonder if that number 10 outside our assigned hooch has any significance?


 HM3 Lon B. Blume outside our hooch on the beach in his civvies with camera in hand ready to snap some pictures of the local beauties and scenery.


 34's cruising the beach looking for them babes.


 Looking North up the coast.


 Shore Party. So that's what they mean.

Visiting with the ROK's at China Beach


 The ROK Marine compound was adjacent to the area we were staying in so I figured we would do the neighborly thing and get together. I am sitting with a ROK Marine (left) & ROK Corpsman (center). They had some real nice "Leopard Fatigues"


 Ski (Frank J. Ladzinski) sitting with the ROK's. We wanted to play a friendly game of cards they preferred hand to hand.


 Mac (Harold L. McIlwain) Being assisted by the ROK Marine after a little rice wine and Kimchi.

 Yours truly back at Quang Tri with my newly acquired "Leopards".

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