Northern I Corps

Republic of Vietnam

Quang Tri & Thua Thien Provinces

June 1969

Quang Tri Combat Base / USS Repose

 The Walking Wounded. (Left to Right) Sgt.Thomas L. Henning, Cpl. Thomas E Shainline, and Pfc.Robert Owen, members of Team 1C3 / Old Colonel return to "C" Company after our "Stingray" mission atop Hill 484 on Mutters Ridge. Photo Courtesy of Thomas E. Shainline.

 Going Home. Cpl. Dennis Soldner (me) receiving my last Purple Heart and beginning the recovery process aboard the USS Repose. Photo OP & Photo courtesy of USN.

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 Note: Four (4) members from Team 1C2 (Fire Raider) & four (4) members of Team 1C3 (Old Colonel) participated in the mission, all eight (8) of us were wounded during the early morning hours of June 2, 1969. Cpl. Jackie Lee Blankenship of 1C2 would die of his wounds on June 23, 1969. RIP.

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