3rd Reconnaissance Battalion

Northern I Corps

Republic of Vietnam

Quang Tri & Thua Thien Provinces

December 1968

Quang Tri Combat Base / "Backyard" 4 Miles SW of Dong Ha


 Loading into the UH-1's (Slicks) at Quang Tri for insertion into "Backyard" December 12th.


 We see you. Spotting the enemy off in the distance.


 Sending regards from Arty .


 Playing peek-a-boooom! We had recently moved out of the treeline to observe the hills.The enemy had followed, they would attempt to break out of the treeline and were pushed back with small arms fire. No sooner did they enter back into the treeline when a package of artillery would be delivered.


 The enemy attempted an end around but was spotted by our AO (Aerial Observer) who called in the fast movers (fixed wing /jets). Things really got hot.


 Pfc. Maurice M. Howell of 1C3 viewing and reporting the results of second run made by jets.


 Sun setting it's time to go home.

To Read the story of this patrol click here "Gotcha"


 Article on the patrol that appeared on page 5 of Northern Marine Magazine (RVN) 68/69. Patrol (Team) Leader Pfc. Thomas E. Shainline of team 1C3 would be awarded his 1st Silver Star for his heroic actions on this patrol. He would later earn a 2nd Silver Star for his actions on June 1/2 of 1969 on Mutters Ridge (Hill 484).

Quang Tri Combat Base / Tiger (Man-Eater) on Display


 Team 1C3 members posing with Man-Eating Tiger that attacked Sgt. Richard Goolden on December 22,1968 near FSB Alpine while waiting for extraction. In front kneeling (L to R) Pfc. Thomas E. Shainline, Pfc. Roy L. Reagan; in rear standing (L to R) Pfc. Maurice M. Howell, L/Cpl. Jackie Lee Blankenship (Buck) of team 1C2 and Pfc. Delbert D. Kelly.


 Unidentified Reconner's viewing remains of man-eating tiger hanging in Charlie Co. area. The tiger had killed a marine near FSB Alpine on November 12th and attacked Plt. Sgt Richard Goolden on December 22nd.

 Article on Tiger Attack that appeared in the Pacific Stars & Stripes.

 Article on Tiger Attack that appeared in the Sea Tiger.

More information regarding this patrol can be found in the story "Snakey". Click here to read the story."Snakey"

Quang Tri Combat Base / Merry Christmas


 Pfc. Wilson of 1C2 in foreground cleaning his gear, with Pfc. Antony Cardenas in background...I Don't know where he found the Christmas tree.


 Pfc. Frank J. Ladzinski (Ski) of 1C2 trying to entice Carl Weiss of 1C1 to rotate early and bequeath his treasures to him.


 L/Cpl Dennis Soldner of team 1C2 lying in Carl Weiss' (1C1) bunk thinking there just might be a Santa Claus after all.

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