3rd Reconnaissance Battalion

Northern I Corps

Republic of Vietnam

Quang Tri & Thua Thien Provinces

October 1968

Quang Tri Combat Base / Urban Development


 1st Platoon Commander 1st Lt. W. Doug Stine (left) filling a sandbag being held by Pfc. Franklin J. Butcher of team 1C2 (right) with Pfc. Thomas E. Shainline of team 1C3 resting in the background.


 Pfc. Carl B. Weiss of team 1C1 unhappy with the placement of the "Urinal" outside his front door looking for the guilty party who placed it there.

Quang Tri Combat Base


 HN Larry Alley of Team 1C2 (Cpl. Pete) in front of team hooch.


 HN Larry Alley & Pfc. Beauclair of Team 1C2 (Cpl. Pete) heading to Chow Hall.


 Pfc. Anthony Cardenas of Team 1C2 (Cpl. Pete) with unidentified reconner in background on Charlie Co. street.


 George Roby of Team 1C2.

Quang Tri Combat Base / Team 1C3 Getting Ready for a walk in the "Backyard"


 Team Leader George Roby of Team 1C2 with Platoon Sgt.????? checking coordinates for a patrol in the "Backyard".


 George Roby & Pfc. Dennis Soldner (me) at abandoned position we were using as an observation post in the "Backyard" looking for "little People".

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Battalion Reunions:

Hilton Head, SC - March 1991

San Diego, CA - April 1994

Las Vegas, NV - September 1998

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