3rd Reconnaissance Battalion

Northern I Corps

Republic of Vietnam

Quang Tri & Thua Thien Provinces

November 1968

Quang Tri Combat Base / Getting Ready to Head to the "Backyard"

 Pfc. Dennis Soldner (me) in foreground all suited up with Pfc. Frank J. Ladzinski (Ski) in background.  Pfc. Dennis Soldner in foreground manning radio with Sgt. Richard P. Goolden looking on and L/Cpl. Jackie Lee Blankenship (Buck) in background heading upwind.

Quang Tri Combat Base / Marine Corps Birthday Party

 Pfc.'s Dennis Soldner and Edward E. McGee (Mac) taking in festivities.  George Roby of Team 1C2 talking with unidentified recooner while waiting to play ball.
 Pfc. Dennis Soldner (me) consoling George Roby with a few warm ones.  Pfc. Dennis Soldner (me) soaking up the suds in the shade.

Quang Tri Combat Base

 A View of Charlie Company Area (Slop Shute in foreground on right).  Unidentified 1C3 member (left), Pfc. Dennis Soldner (center), 1C3 Team Leader Cpl. Helligso (right) in front of 1C3 hooch.
 Believe photo to be of Erik Heinila....Don't know where he disappeared to.  Reconner's George Roby (left), unidentified (center) and Pfc. Frank J. Ladzinski (Ski) getting together for a friendly game of cards in 1C2 hooch.

Quang Tri / In the "Backyard " Again!

 1C2 Team Leader George Roby asking me whats for lunch.  Pfc. Dennis M. Soldner watching lunch move.
 Taking a stroll, note the track marks ahead on the next ridge. Hmmm.  CH-46 coming to take us home.
 A view of the "Backyard" from the tail of our CH-46.  An approach view of Quang Tri from our ride home.

Quang Tri Combat Base / Mess Hall / USO Show

 Not Bob Hope but what the hell.  10,000 miles from home.
 Leaving on a Jet Plane or the Funky Chicken.  Oh Boy.

Quang Tri / Backyard / L/Cpl. Ronald R. Lowry's Last Patrol.

 Pfc. Dennis Soldner of team 1C2 (foreground), taking a break after being inserted on hill in background and reaching treeline in "Backyard".  Pfc. Thomas E. Shainline (foreground), Pfc. Edward E. McGee (Mac) (left rear) and L/Cpl. Ronald R. Lowry (Fish) of Team 1C3 taking a break after being inserted and reaching treeline in "Backyard".
 Pfc. Franklin J. Butcher (Butch) of team 1C2 (foreground), with L/Cpl. Ronald R. Lowry (Fish) of Team 1C3 taking a break after being inserted and reaching treeline in "Backyard". Shortly after leaving this position a firefight would break out and L/Cpl. Ronald R. Lowry would be wounded in the neck by an errant AK-47 round. He would die of his wound the following day Nov. 26, 1968. RIP.

To Read the story of this patrol click here "Unforgivable"

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