3rd Reconnaissance Battalion

Northern I Corps

Republic of Vietnam

Quang Tri & Thua Thien Provinces

September 1968

Quang Tri Combat Base / Hill 679


 L/Cpl. Robert Jones & me having a cold one before heading out to Hill 679 near Khe Sanh. Who would have guessed they would have come out with a commercial for milk, this one could have been a classic "Got Milk?".


 Pfc. Beauclair in foreground with L/Cpl. Leslie E.Gordon Jr. (Flash) in background taking a break on Hill 679.


 Pfc. Beauclair in foreground with Pfc. Anthony Cardenas in background getting ready to move out.


 L/Cpl. Jackie Lee Blankenship (Buck) in background & L/Cpl. Robert P. Jones in foreground taking a break on Hill 679. Later that day as contact was made with NVA and Jones was seriously wounded as the team was being extracted.

Quang Tri Combat Base / Recon Reactionary Force

 CH - 46's Coming landing at 3rd Recon's LZ at Quang Tri to pick up a reactionary force.

 Reconner's dressed in grunt gear loading up to go to aid of a team in the "Backyard" who had uncovered a bunker complex.


 Pfc. Dennis Soldner (me) upon return from reactionary patrol dressed up in grunt gear. The only other time I would wear that gear was on Rough Riders.

Quang Tri Combat Base / Some of Team 1C3 Getting Ready for Hill 824


 L/Cpl. Rufus A. Sticker loading up to head to pad to wait for insertion choppers to take the team to Hill 824 ( Southeast of Vandergrift Combat Base (VCB).


 Kit Carson Scout Heiu ready to move off to pad with Team 1C3 to wait for insertion.


 Article published in III Marine Amphibious Force Vietnam, Sea Tiger Vol. IV, No. 43 dated 25 Oct 68, regarding Hill 824 patrol by team 1C3.

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Quang Tri Combat Base / Hill 819 (India Relay)


 Major General Raymond Davis, 3rd Marine Division Commander visiting 3rd Recon teams waiting to be picked up for insertion.


 Pfc. Beauclair in background with Pfc. Dennis M. Soldner in foreground at Quang Tri LZ waiting for insertion birds to take us to Hill 819 being congratulated as a member of Team 1C2 (Cpl. Pete) For participating in mission that took place on the Razorback Ridge in August.


 L/Cpl. Leslie E. Gordon, Jr. (Flash) on Hill 819 (India Relay)


 Cpl.Miller on Hill 819 (India Relay) Southeast of Vandergrift Combat Base (VCB).


 Pfc. Anthony Cardenas manning the radio's on India Relay (Hill 819).


 L/Cpl. Leslie E. Gordon, Jr. (Flash) on left, Pfc. Anthony Cardenas on right, & Unidentified (Wounded) Recon Marine in center celebrate our narrow escape off Hill 819 in front of "Slop Shute". Two other Unidentified Recon Marines enjoy their alotted 2 beers.

To Read the story of this patrol click here "Radio City"

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